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Godwin Insurance is an independent agency that has been dedicated to providing North Carolina with the best insurance solutions at the most reasonable prices since 1953. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff, personalized service, and access to a quality portfolio of carefully selected insurance companies and products are what make us your best choice.

Business Insurance

As small business owners ourselves, we know how much your business means to you.  We can help you protect your building, company assets, your employees and yourself by finding you the right insurance options for your business at the right price.

Personal Insurance

The health and well-being of our customers and their loved ones is our most important priority.  When you work with Godwin, you’ll have a dedicated agent who will explain all of your personal insurance options from homeowner’s and life insurance policies, to renter’s insurance, boat insurance or valuable property insurance.  Your agent will also provide their expert advice, and be on hand at any time to answer questions about your policies or help with claims.

Health Insurance

Whether you’re looking for health insurance for an individual or family, or you need a group plan for your business, Godwin can help you find the perfect health insurance plan for your situation.


“Godwin Insurance Agency has looked after our Home and Auto Insurance for 18 years. We have had nothing but excellent service. They are in my opinion by far the best insurance agency. Five star quality and service.”

John M.

Personal Lines Client

“Godwin’s staff was absolutely delightful to work with. We were purchasing life insurance and had a lot of questions. Their patience and thoughtful assistance were a huge help in navigating the experience. We’d absolutely use Godwin again, and would recommend you do as well.”

Jeff L.
Life Insurance Client

“The representatives at Godwin Insurance are the most organized, prompt and courteous staff at an insurance company I have ever had a relationship with. This is a local insurance agency representing companies that compete and beat national companies with their prices while providing unprecedented customer service. Any time I have a question about my plan, they are always quick to respond. If you want an insurance company that competes nationally, but also knows your name when you walk in the door, choose Godwin Insurance.”

Eric D.
Personal Insurance Client

“Great product, great service, and a great experience.  Godwin Insurance nailed all three for my company.  When I needed business insurance, I could have gone anywhere, but they built the trust I needed to become a loyal customer.”

Matt F.
Business Insurance Client

“We prefer Godwin over the other companies that we have used. They are thorough, prompt, professional, knowledgeable, competitive, and most of all, we trust them.”

Carl E.
Business Insurance Client